Otherkin Reiki: In Conclusion

Otherkin Reiki: In Conclusion

We now have a set of seven sigils specifically designed to help with the phases of otherkin development from “awakening” through “transformation”.  As I mentioned in the last essay, this is not necessarily the neat linear process it may sound like.  Not only is the end of the cycle the beginning of another, but it is possible for one individual to be on one phase with regard to one aspect of his or her nature and a completely different phase with regard to another.  Depending on the individual, phases may progress out of order or repeat as well.

I should also mention that this is far from the only possible model of otherkin development. It’s one that I’ve found works well in my own experience, and its seven stages fit rather conveniently with the use of the alchemical septegram by the otherkin community, but it shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

For easy reference, here are all of the sigils we have created with their purposes and names:

Awakening, “oor”
Remembering, “zakor'”
Discernment, “paw-rad”
Integration, “daw-bak”

Emergence, “ghee’-akh”
Refinement, “zaw-kak”
Transformation, “haw-yaw”

Now, we could of course continue.  There are a near infinity of possible sigils that could be helpful in some way for otherkin.  A sigil for helping with pain from phantom limbs.  A sigil for stopping a phantom shift.  Or initiating one.  A sigil for stopping a mental shift.  Or initiating one.  A sigil for astral travel to one’s remembered homeworld. Etc, etc.

But part of the point of all this has been that you don’t need other people to make a grimoire of sigils for you to use.  You can do it yourself, to fit your own unique needs.  This series, and the articles before it on Thoughtforms, Reiki from a Magical Perspective, and Reiki Sigils have shown how.  Don’t be confined by what’s been “channeled” or what other practitioners have developed for you to work with.  Show us what you can come up with, what is uniquely you.

Get out there.  Transform the world.

Why else are you here?

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