Candle Light

It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.

Candle Light is a list for otherkin teachers. It’s a discussion about the methods used to teach, and how best to teach in general, and how our kinness affects that which we teach. It’s also a list to connect those kin looking to learn a subject with those kin willing and able to teach about that subject.. Membership is open to anyone, but new members will be on moderated status initially.  This document is an introduction to the list and it’s rules.

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Mailing List Rules:

Members may be either placed on moderated status or banned for disregarding these rules, the exact penalty to be determined by the moderator based on which rule is broken, the severity of it, and the circumstances in which it was broken.

  1. Personal attacks will not be tolerated on this list. Candle Light is a list for those interested in learning to connect with those willing and able to teach, as well as for discussion of the methods used to teach and how our kinness affects that which we teach. Personal issues being aired publicly on this forum would be disruptive, and for that reason should be left offlist.
  2. Posts should keep their content reasonably relevant to the subject of learning and teaching. Since there are a vast range of topics related to those subjects, this should not be very hard to do. Exceptions may be made if a conversation leads off on a tangent that the membership of the list is interested in exploring, as long as it does not disrupt or detract from more on-topic conversations.
  3. If, for any reason, you wish to bring a discussion from another list to this one, or crosspost something between another list and this one, please contact me privately first to discuss it.
  4. Members may lurk, however if you decide to lurk when you first join the list, without making any introductory posts, please send me a private email letting me know this so that I know you are a real person and not a morph account of someone avoiding moderation.
  5. Do not post or attach copyrighted material, including text copied from web sites, without including a copy of the specific and express permission granted by the copyright holder to post the material publicly, *OR* a valid reason why your posting of the material constitutes “fair use”. This does not apply to linking to the material without posting it directly, nor to material in the public domain.
  6. Do not behave in a manner which the moderator or other reasonable members of this list will consider disruptive, offensive, or threatening. (A non-exhaustive list of behaviors that would be covered by this rule can be found here)
  7. Moderating should be left to the moderator, who will personally issue formal Mod Notes when necessary. Please feel free, however, to contact me and bring any violations of the rules to my attention if you think it may not have been noticed.
  8. On rules issues on this list, the decisions of the moderator are final.

Mailing List Guidelines:

This section is meant to introduce you to the atmosphere of the Candle Light mailing list, and the way the list operates. It is not a list of rules, as such, but it is recommended reading for all members of this list and anyone planning to join.

Debate Guideline: Candle Light is a list focused more on support and fostering connections than my other lists. As such, while relevant debates are welcome, I may ask that lengthy or heated ones be taken elsewhere.

Personal Information Guideline: Please do not give out private (offline) contact information for yourself through the list. If you want another member to have that information about you, it is best to send it to that specific person through private email. Sending it the the list would make it available to everyone currently on the list, as well as anyone who joins the list at a later date and reads through the archives. For obvious reasons, this is a safety issue.

Unacceptable Behaviors:

This is a non-exhaustive list of disruptive, offensive, or threatening behaviors mentioned in rule #6.

  1. Spamming the moderator or other members of this list.
  2. Using a morph account to access this list for the purpose of avoiding moderation.
  3. Threatening the mailing list, it’s members, or the moderation.
  4. Uninvited lectures on off-topic subjects.
  5. Messages in all capital letters, in “hacker language” (see google’s translation options if you don’t know what I mean), or making excessive use of “cute” or otherwise nonstandard grammar and spelling such as “Whatt kind ov kin r u?”
  6. Using gratuitous offensive language, especially blanket slurs against other groups.
  7. Posts including fighting words (otherwise known as flamebait). This includes, but is not limited to, boasting about how you can kick the ass of other members of the list either astrally or physically.
  8. Making frequent posts in which the previous message is quoted in it’s entirety needlessly, thus wasting the bandwidth of other members (some of whom pay by the minute for their internet connection.)
  9. Posting ads to other sites using the address of other members on this board or the moderator.

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