Come Away

Come Away

If you read this website with any regularity you most likely know that it is my practice to occasionally do a magical working that I term a “calling”, literally meant to draw others who meet certain criteria to find me and/or the otherkin community itself.  I typically use what I term a “poetic focus” as the basis for this calling – or, in other words, a spoken invocation.  Two of the invocations I have used in the past are here and here.

It is time once again to renew that calling.  But this time, after the recent essays on sigilization and thoughtfoms, I thought I might do so a little differently.  This time, I am going to build a servitor.

The core of this servitor will be a sigil.  I wanted something easily reproduced and with an obvious association with the otherkin community, so I have created a starlike image with seven arms, each arm drawn from the outside moving in.  It is not the typical septegram, but the association between the two symbols should be obvious.

As a name for the servitor, I will chose the word “Shakto”, being part of the Aloryan phrase “Shakto-tha lien” which means roughly “show yourselves” or “come forward”.

For the purpose of the servitor, three tasks:

1. To seek out those with nonhuman or otherworldly lives which have touched them deeply, and to help them awaken and to find the otherkin community.

2. To help those otherkin who have shared such lives in the past find one another again.

3. To help restore the spirit and the vitality that the community once had, that has been lost

The next step is, of course, to decide on a form for the servitor itself.  At first I was thinking a white hart, as in some celtic myths, but in this case I am feeling more inclined towards a modern myth: the white rabbit.  One might even picture his sigil as the many hands of a very strange pocket-watch, though this rabbit is never late.  Nor is he early.  He comes precisely when he needs to.  But he will lead you down the rabbit hole.

After charging and empowering the servitor I have linked it to both of my existing callings, and sent it out into the wild and the web.  It is self-sustaining and from one point of view replicating (it is a rabbit after all) though from another it simply takes advantage of a rather interesting understanding of time.

I look forward to observing it at work.

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