Otherkin Reiki: Emergence

Otherkin Reiki: Emergence

Continuing the series on otherkin Reiki, we come to the stage of emergence.  In the integration stage we joined different aspects of ourselves together in a coherent whole.  In this stage, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts and something new emerges.

One of the key phrases for this stage of otherkin development is “that life is not this life”. You’re not the person you were then, even if you’re attempting to bring aspects of that life forward into the present.  Conversely, neither are you the person you were prior to awakening to, remembering, and integrating this aspect of yourself.  Each aspect gives you access to experiences, knowledge, skills, and perceptions that the other did not possess.  And combining them can and should lead to a synthesis that is completely new and alive in its own right.  Otherwise we’ll simply stagnate.

This stage is important for all otherkin but perhaps particularly important for so-called “polykin” – otherkin with memories of more than one nonhuman life, often as different species.  For us, staying in the integration stage would be a lot like stitching together an amalgamation reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster.  We need to move past it, to evolve into something more.

This stage in otherkin development is equivalent to the Fermentation stage of alchemy.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no symbol in otherkin Reiki which explicitly deals with this stage of development.  We’ll create one by starting with the magic square of Mercury, pictured below:

For the basis of our sigil we’ll use the hebrew word גִּ֫יחַ, pronounced “ghee’-akh” and meaning “to burst forth” or “to give birth”.  This word is composed of the letters, from right to left, Gimel (3), Yodh (10), and Heth (8).  Laid out on our magic square, it would appear thus:

Which leaves us with this as our final sigil:

To me this sigil is reminiscent of changing course.  Finding a new direction.   As with the other sigils in this series, the thoughtform behind it has been created specifically to deal with the needs of otherkin, helping their various human and nonhuman sides come together to create something which is both and neither.  Something which bridges both worlds.

The next essay in this series will deal with Refinement.

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