Reiki Sigils

Reiki Sigils

Now that we know Reiki symbols are simply sigils representing thoughtforms, what can we do with them?  What do we know about sigils and thoughtforms that we did not previously know about Reiki symbols?

The most obvious is that new symbols do not need to be channeled.  They can, as with any sigil or thoughtform, be intentionally created.  Nor do they need to look like typical Reiki symbols – any representation of the thoughtform will do.  Here, then, is one such:

This sigil has been intentionally created for work with Alzheimer’s patients.  It is meant, as much as possible, to help repair the physical damage to their brain while “anchoring” their mind and spirit to reality.  For a verbal equivalent, BLDG or “Bildog” may be used to represent the same thoughtform.

Another new piece of information is that reiki symbols can, like any sigil, be combined with other sigils or otherwise modified to produce related but distinct effects.  For instance:

This sigil combines the traditional Reiki Cho-Ku-Rei symbol with the Ellis or LS sigil.  In doing so, it links the energy output of the Cho-Ku-Rei symbol with the network formed by the LS sigil.  This may provide additional power, drawn from the network, and due to the focus of the LS sigil may even help the Cho-Ku-Rei symbol to achieve effects not normally possible due to consensual reality.

A third new piece of information is that reiki symbols can be created to perform tasks not typically associated with standard reiki symbols.  One example would be to build on the concept of the Ellisisan LS sigil to create a Reiki Linking Sigil – linking together all healing efforts by those who use it, across time and space.  Collectively pooling their energy, their skill, into a single vast network.  I offer such a sigil here:

A final new piece of information is that we need not limit ourselves to sigils when it is possible to create servitors or egregores.  To some extent this has already been done, with egregores naturally forming around individual schools of Reiki.  Imara Reiki even has the egregore of the “Laho-chi Master” which is asked to perform tasks such as healings and attunements.  It is now possible to create such egregores directly and purposefully, as they have been in the tradition of Chaos magic.

At this time I have not yet created such an egregore.  Perhaps the RLS or “Rylas” sigil provided above will, in time, evolve into one as LS evolved into the godform Ellis.

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