Otherkin Reiki: Discernment

Otherkin Reiki: Discernment

Continuing my thoughts on otherkin Reiki, we next come to a stage that I think can best be described as “discernment”.  This is the stage when memories uncovered in the awakening and remembering stages are examined and the proverbial wheat is separated from the chaff.

This corresponds to the alchemical stage of seperation, in which ungenuine or unworthy material is discarded.  And that’s pretty much our goal here as well – to discard any false memories you may have generated to fill in gaps in your actual memories, a particular danger if you attempt to present your memories in story format, and to discard any material which is not worthy of bringing into the present.  For instance – if you had a life that you weren’t proud of, separating yourself to some degree from who you were then while still bringing forward that life’s lessons so you do not repeat its mistakes.

In the existing tradition of otherkin Reiki, Rialian’s True Memory symbol is again the symbol most commonly used to weed out false memories.  To my knowledge there is no symbol, at this time, designed to help distance one from “unworthy” memories.  Our sigil will attempt to do both.

We will start this time with the magic square of Mars, associated with the alchemical process of separation:

It’s a bit more of a challenge to pick a root word to form the basis of this sigil, but I think I’ll go with the hebrew word פָּרַד, pronounced “paw-rad'” and meaning “to divide” or “separated”.  It is composed of the letters, from right to left, Pe (80=8), Resh (200=2), and Dalet (4).  So our sigil, laid out on the magic square, will look like this:

Which gives us, as our final sigil, this:

Again, a very simple sigil and quite effective once charged and released.  As with the Remembering sigil this thoughtform has specifically been created for work with nonhuman past-life memories.  In addition to the purposes already suggested it may also be useful for creating some emotional distance between yourself and memories you are attempting to work with.

At this point it may be interesting to point out that each sigil designed so far has graphically suggested its purpose.  The Awakening sigil suggests reaching down for something that was buried and bringing it up into the light.  The Remembering sigil has the appearance of a lightning bolt, certainly fitting for the typical flashes of memory otherkin experience.  And the Discernment sigil suggests taking something out and throwing it away.  At least, that’s how I view each of them.

For the curious, the next stage will be Integration.

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