Otherkin Reiki: Remembering

Otherkin Reiki: Remembering

Continuing my thoughts on Reiki for otherkin, the next stage after Awakening would seem to be Remembering.  The line between the two is, of course, subtle – many of my own Awakenings have involved the initial recovery of new memories.  I would say the distinction between these two stages is in the deep exploration of the memories uncovered and learning to work with them consciously.

This may involve dealing with traumas or attachments from previous lives, recognizing patterns, finding new information and perspectives, etc.  Alchemically, it corresponds to the process of dissolution.  In the existing tradition of otherkin Reiki, the symbol most often used for Remembering is the True Memory symbol channeled by Rialian.

To intentionally create a sigil for Remembering, we’d start with the magic square of Jupiter, pictured below:

Again going old-school, we’d use the hebrew word זכור, pronounced “zakor”, and meaning “remember” in the imperative sense as the basis for this sigil.  This word is composed (from right to left) by the letters Zayin (7), Kaph (20=2), Waw (6), and Resh (200=2).  Laid out on our magic square, the sigil would appear like this:

Which leaves us the following as our final sigil:

Again, a fairly simple sigil, and highly effective once properly charged and released.  This thoughtform has specifically been created with remembering and working with memories of non-human past lives in mind, rather than more mundane purposes or even remembering “what you need to know”.

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