Otherkin Reiki: Refinement

Otherkin Reiki: Refinement

Continuing the series on otherkin Reiki, we come to a stage I can best describe as “refinement”.  In the previous two stages we integrated the separate aspects of ourselves, and allowed them to become something new – something greater than the sum of its parts.  Now, as in the Discernment stage, we take a fresh inventory of ourselves and remove anything which is untrue, impure, and no longer serves us.

This stage is equivalent to the process of distillation in Alchemy, and in fact we are trying to distill our emergent nature down to its purest essence.  Anything incompatible with that is removed and released.  False beliefs, old attitudes that have been holding you back, etc.  This does not mean any of it is forgotten, but it is no longer permitted to affect you in the present if it is not helpful for it to do so.

In the existing tradition of otherkin Reiki, the symbol that would best work with this stage is probably my own Refinement symbol.  But I’d prefer to work with a more stable, purposely constructed thoughtform specific to the task.  To create one, we’ll start with the magic square of the moon, pictured below:

For the basis of this sigil we’ll use the hebrew word זָקַק, pronounced “zaw-kak'” and meaning “to refine”, “distill” or “purify”.  It is composed of the letters, from right to left, Zayin (7), Qoph (100=1) and Qoph (100=1).  Laid out on our magic square, and representing the doubled letter Qoph as a slight kink in the line connecting the squares, that gives us the following:

Which gives us this as our final sigil:

Visually, this sigil reminds me of distillation – of boiling a substance down to a concentrated essence.  Again, the thoughtform behind it has specifically been developed to help work with refining one’s emergent otherkin nature, and once charged it is a simple and powerful sigil towards that purpose.

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