Otherkin Reiki: Transformation

Otherkin Reiki: Transformation

The last stage of otherkin development can best be described as “transformation”.  This is not a physical change, but a clear manifestation of your refined otherkin nature.  Living as who and what you are, and transforming the world around you in the process.

That’s easy to say.  It’s a lot harder to do.  Because it’s more than just saying “I’m a dragon, so I hoard shiny things” or “I’m a satyr,  so I like sex”.    More than wearing a tail, or donating to a wolf-rescue as a therian, or becoming a member of the Sierra Club as a fae.  It’s about doing the things that only you, as the unique combination of your past nonhuman and present human selves,  are even capable of doing.  Of living up to your full potential.  In the words of Neil Gaiman’s character Delerium: “Our existence deforms the universe.  That’s responsibility.”

In myth, angels and faeries, devas and genii, gods and spirits gave man all of their arts and crafts.  How are you deforming the universe?  How are you changing the world around you?  What fields are you pioneering, or taking in new directions?  What are you creating that did not exist here before?  What gifts will you leave to mankind through your presence here?

Transformation corresponds with the stage of Coagulation in alchemy, and the attainment of the philosopher’s stone. This is again a stage of otherkin development that is not addressed by any symbol in the existing otherkin Reiki tradition of which I am presently aware.  To create one, we’ll begin with the magic square of the sun, pictured below:

As the basis for our sigil we’ll use the hebrew word הָיָה, pronounced “haw-yaw” and meaning “become”, “come to pass” or “be”.  It is composed of the letters He (5), Yod (10), and He (5).  Laid out on our magic square, this produces the following sigil:

Which gives us this as our final sigil:

Once again, a very simple sigil and highly effective once properly charged and released.  To me, this sigil is a reminder that the end of one cycle is the beginning of another.  The stages of development listed in this and the previous articles in this series are not, as it might first seem, a linear progression from beginning to end.  Nor are they a series of video game accomplishments for you to collect and be done with.  They’re steps that you will visit again and again in your journey as otherkin.

There are always new awakenings, new memories to explore and integrate, a new synthesis to be created from those memories and your current experiences, and new ways for that synthesis to transform the world.

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