As someone who is both pagan and otherkin, synchronicity is a big thing for me.

Sometimes it’s fairly subtle, like a sudden urge to investigate a strange word that I’ve run across that leads me to an entirely new community which becomes a very important part of my life.

Most of the time it’s a lot more blatant, like me and my brothers (without coordination, and with me not even having owned the book in question until that afternoon when I found and bought it at a local pagan store that does not normally have a good selection of books) reading the exact same passage in the exact same book at the exact same time and running to talk to each other about it.

Sometimes the synchronicities in my life are caused by the magical work I do.  Other times, by the gods and spirits I work with.  Other times, I really don’t know the ultimate source of it and just chalk it up to the universe itself.

I do know that there are times that I seem to experience more synchronicities than others.  “Memory floods” – recovering a bunch of new memories in rapid succession – often have real-world synchronicities connected with them.  The aforementioned book synchronicity came during memories of my stag life and the passage involved contained information which confirmed some of my own UPG regarding ritual cannibalism as practiced in the culture I had remembered.

Why is this?  I don’t know.  Some of it feels very personal – like someone is playing chess and I’m a pawn on the board.  I have suspicions as to who that might be (one or more of several deities, not all of which I choose to work with) but no real idea why.  Other synchronicities feel impersonal – more on the level of action and reaction.  And others either fall in between or I’m unable to classify.

I suspect at least some of this synchronicity ties in, somehow, with patterns that I’ve observed repeating across lifetimes.  Which is a bit hard for me to swallow since I don’t personally believe in “destiny”, but I can at present find no other explanation for some of the things I see repeating in life after life.

Perhaps someday I’ll be able to clearly see the picture painted by such patterns, and how it connects with synchronicities experienced in the present.  In the meantime, I mainly rely on them as an indicator for when I’m close to something important.  This understanding has, so far, served me well.

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