Imara System of Reiki

Imara System of Reiki

  • Imara is a channeled form of Reiki.
  • It was channeled by Eyovah who developed it with the help of his brother Rialian.
  • Imara basically means “more”, hence “more reiki”.
  • If traditional Usui is levels one through three, then Karuna is level four, and Imara is level five on the Reiki scale.
  • Imara is an intense form of Reiki with a slightly different feel.
  • Once you are attuned to Imara it is simple to use the energy.
  • Imara does not need symbols.
  • Imara has an easy attunement process.
  • Imara has a strong spiritual connection (ascended beings, angels, etc…)
  • It is common for the giver, the reciever, or both to percieve information during healing sessions.
  • Imara heals past life issues.
  • Imara heals repressed issues (physical, emotional, spiritual trauma.)
  • Imara heals issues not yet on the conscious mind which may be affecting you.
  • Imara makes distance healing simplified and intensified.

Imara Basics

  • Say in your mind “Laho-Chi.” Say this three times, more if you wish. The more you say the stronger the energy may feel.
  • Set your hands on the afflicted area and let the energy flow. The energy will keep running until you intend it to cease.
  • The energy appears as a vortex or tornado, and it will likely be green and/or purple. The tornado can also be visualized if you need or want a symbol to help.
  • If you need or want to visualize an entity helping you, say “Laho-chi Master please heal, Laho-chi Master please heal me” and repeat this three times. You may percieve a short old chinese man.

The Imara Healing Session

About the Healing Session

  • It is common for information to be received during a healing session by the healer and/or receiver.
  • Many perceive spiritual beings. If you would like to work with specific entities, invoke them by saying “I am that I am [spirit name]”. You may call in multiple beings if you wish.
  • Twitching is common and is simply energy blocks being freed.
  • The more you use the energy the stronger you will be able to channel it.
  • The clearer and more healed the healer, the more effective the healing.

Steps in the Healing Session

  1. The receiver should state the healing intention that they want. With any intention it is a good idea to state “with grace” and give a prayer for the highest good of all.
  2. Place your hands in each position, invoke the energy, and let it run for 12-15 minutes per position.
  3. At the end of the session, the person may be deeply relaxed. Talk them back into consciousness and lightly massage their body from the toes to the head.
  4. Have them take a deep breath, stretch, roll ankles, wrists, and head.

Imara Hand Positions

  • This is a list of hand positions which may be used in an Imara Reiki Healing Session.
  • Begin by having the reciever put their hands on their hips, fingers pointed down their legs. This will create a circuit of energy down their legs and intensify the energy flow.

The Hand Positions

  1. Place your hands on top of their head with their ears between your middle fingers and ring fingers and your thumbs meeting at the center of the top of their head. Rest your hands gently and let the energy flow.
  2. Place your thumbs in the sternal notch with your fingers pointing straight down.
  3. Place your thumbs in the sternal notch and angle your fingertips so that they meet on the sternum.
  4. Cup hands on outside of shoulders with fingers pointing down the sides of their arms. Point your thumbs down the chest of the person.
  5. Move your chair so you are by right side waist. Take persons hands and lay them down next to their body (alternately have them cross their arms over their chest and hold their shoulders.) Place one of your hands on each hipbone.
  6. Return persons hands to hips. Move your chair so your heart is lined up with their heart. If you are working on a male, place your hands across the chest, all fingers and thumbs held together pointing away, thumbs touching each other. If working on a female, put one hand above the breasts and the other hand below, thumbs meeting on the sternum in between.

Imara Distance Healing

  • In your mind connect with he higher self of the person you want to heal.
  • Invoke the energy and intend it to run for a certain amount of time.
  • You can run multiple distance healings at the same time.

Imara Attunements

  • Put your hands on the persons head in the first position.
  • Invoke the energy.
  • When you feel like it is running/see the vortex, intend to attune the person to this energy.
  • In your head, silently say “Laho-chi, please attune this person to this energy” and say that three times.
  • Visualize the vortex going into them and spinning around within them.
  • Attuning a crystal to it is that simple as well.
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