Semi-Imara Attunement Method

  • This is a method for attuning someone to non-imara systems using some of the basic techniques found in the Imara attunement method.
  • This is basically a method that I used to avoid the more complex and ritualized forms of attunement.
  • It may also prove useful in attuning someone to a large number of symbols and/or systems in one sitting.
  • I just started using this method, and as such it will likely be refined in the future to reflect my evolving understanding of the underlying principles of Reiki. In particular, I am not certain I like this attunement method’s exclusive use of the crown chakra, and the lack of any focus on the hands.
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Alternate Attunement Method 1

About the Attunement

  • This attunement method was taught to me by Rialian.
  • Rialian teaches this method as the method generally used by most Reiki “traditionalists”, including the tradition he recieved his lineage from, as it comes from the quite popular Diane Stein school of Reiki. He observes that it may have originally become part of the Stein traditions through Mantak Chia.
  • Whatever its origins, it is a useful and powerful way to attune someone to the Usui Reiki system, as the non-Usui symbol and technique are used only to assist in the attunement to the traditional Usui symbols.

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