• This is a method for attuning someone to non-imara systems using some of the basic techniques found in the Imara attunement method.
  • This is basically a method that I used to avoid the more complex and ritualized forms of attunement.
  • It may also prove useful in attuning someone to a large number of symbols and/or systems in one sitting.
  • I just started using this method, and as such it will likely be refined in the future to reflect my evolving understanding of the underlying principles of Reiki. In particular, I am not certain I like this attunement method’s exclusive use of the crown chakra, and the lack of any focus on the hands.

How to Perform the Attunement

  1. Seat the recipient in front of you.
  2. Have the reciever put their hands on their hips, fingers pointing down their legs. This will create a circuit of energy down their legs and intensify the energy flow.
  3. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and call upon your guides for assistance. Begin.
  4. Place your hands on top of their head with their ears between your middle fingers and ring fingers and your thumbs meeting at the center of the top of their head. Rest your hands gently and let the energy flow.
  5. Invoke the energy.
  6. When you feel like it is running/see the vortex, intend to attune the person to the desired system or symbols.
  7. In your head, silently say “Laho-chi Master, please attune this person to…” and specify which system or symbol-set you wish to attune the person to. Repeat this request two times, for a total of three.
  8. Draw the symbols for the system or symbol-set over the person’s crown chakra, within the vortex. Visualize the vortex spinning them around within itself.
  9. Visualize the vortex spinning down into their head and spinning around inside their aura. You may wish to guide it down to the base of their skull with your hands.
  10. Move your hands to the back of the neck, gently pressing both of your thumbs in, and visually draw a cho-ku-rei at that point, silently saying “I seal this attunement in light and love.” This seals the attunement within the attunee.
  11. Put your hands on their shoulders gently and firmly, and place an affirmation that they are now attuned to the chosen system or symbols within them.
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