• This is another attunement method I learned from Rialian.
  • It was originally conceived as a preparation for ritual. It has since become a popular attunement method for otherkin reiki workshops.
  • It gets the mind into the state of really running the energies.
  • If you do not have a partner you can trade trash-punches with, you can instead perform a meditation of doing a trash-punch on yourself, and then go into your ritual work.
  • It is also useful for self-clearing if one is having problems with sendings.
  • The name “trash-punch” refers to how the Reiki master giving the attunement feels after it is done, as a result of having so much energy channeled through them in one go.
  • Beyond a certain point, it may be desirable to break the symbols one knows up into symbol sets, rather than trying to give a single trash-punch attunement containing them all.
  • Alternately, one or more slightly-altered version of the Imara attunement method may prove better methods for transmitting larger numbers of symbols than is practical to do in the ritualized format of the trash-punch attunement.

How to Perform the Attunement

  1. Draw all symbols into the air.
  2. Have the person sit with hands in the receptive mudra at the heart chakra.
  3. Draw the Fire Serpent down the back and pull down.
  4. Draw three Cho-Ku-Reis at the base of the spine.
  5. Draw a reversed fire serpent back to the crown.
  6. Cup hands over crown chakra and take a Violet Breath, blowing the Dai Ko Myo into the crown chakra and moving it with your hands to the base of the head.
  7. Hold the Huan Yin point throughout the rest of the attunement.
  8. Draw the Dai Koo Myo over the crown and move it to the base of the head.
  9. Repeat with every symbol you wish to use.
  10. Move to the front of the person and take their hands, opening them and holding them in your non-dominant hand.
  11. Draw all the symbols you wish to use over the opened palms, tapping each symbol into the palm three times after you draw it.
  12. Close the palms into the prayer position and move them to the forehead (third eye chakra).
  13. Draw all the symbols you wish to use over the fingertips of the person and tap gently three times for each symbol.
  14. Return the person’s hands to the receptive mudra and place back into the original position at the heart chakra.
  15. Draw all the symbols you wish to use over the crown chakra, gently tapping the aura three times for each symbol.
  16. Take a Violet Breath and blow from the palms down to the feet, up to the crown, and back to the palms.
  17. Move back to the rear of the person.
  18. Take a Violet Breath and place hands on shoulders.
  19. Press down gently while blowing the violet breath into the crown chakra with an affirmation.
  20. While pressing down, visualize the affirmation sinking down into the heart chakra.
  21. Place one hand on either side of the person’s neck with your thumbs together at the back of the neck.
  22. Mentally draw a Cho-Ku-Rei over your thumbs with the intent that the attunement be sealed.
  23. Place your hands on the shoulders of the person and press down gently with the intent that the Reiki be firmly set within the person.
  24. Move to the front of the person and release the Huan Yin point with your breath, waving the energy forward gently as a blessing.
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