Download Attunement Method

About the attunement:

  • Developed by Corey Thorn.
  • It is almost like the way ‘packets’ are transferred over a network from a file.
  • There is no need to visualize individual smbols, but it does help for the first few times you’re doing it or if you are doing a specific attunement to one set instead of all the ones you are attuned to.

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Semi-Imara Attunement Method

  • This is a method for attuning someone to non-imara systems using some of the basic techniques found in the Imara attunement method.
  • This is basically a method that I used to avoid the more complex and ritualized forms of attunement.
  • It may also prove useful in attuning someone to a large number of symbols and/or systems in one sitting.
  • I just started using this method, and as such it will likely be refined in the future to reflect my evolving understanding of the underlying principles of Reiki. In particular, I am not certain I like this attunement method’s exclusive use of the crown chakra, and the lack of any focus on the hands.
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