About the attunement:

  • Developed by Corey Thorn.
  • It is almost like the way ‘packets’ are transferred over a network from a file.
  • There is no need to visualize individual smbols, but it does help for the first few times you’re doing it or if you are doing a specific attunement to one set instead of all the ones you are attuned to.

How to perform the attunement:

  1. Clear the room of negative energy using your preferred method.
  2. Use the Koshalin symbol to open the person up for attunement, pulling it down the back in the same manner as the fire serpent in other attunement methods.
  3. Rest your hands on the subject’s shoulders.
  4. Visualize a twisting flow of Reiki transferring from you tot he other person.
  5. You will ‘know’ when the attunement is finished – a full one takes a couple of minutes, usually.
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