Imara System of Reiki

  • Imara is a channeled form of Reiki.
  • It was channeled by Eyovah who developed it with the help of his brother Rialian.
  • Imara basically means “more”, hence “more reiki”.
  • If traditional Usui is levels one through three, then Karuna is level four, and Imara is level five on the Reiki scale.
  • Imara is an intense form of Reiki with a slightly different feel.
  • Once you are attuned to Imara it is simple to use the energy.
  • Imara does not need symbols.
  • Imara has an easy attunement process.
  • Imara has a strong spiritual connection (ascended beings, angels, etc…)
  • It is common for the giver, the reciever, or both to percieve information during healing sessions.
  • Imara heals past life issues.
  • Imara heals repressed issues (physical, emotional, spiritual trauma.)
  • Imara heals issues not yet on the conscious mind which may be affecting you.
  • Imara makes distance healing simplified and intensified.

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