#Dreamhart (IRC)

Continuing the surge of new features for the site, I’m pleased to introduce our dedicated IRC channel, #dreamhart on Mibbit.net. There’s a web-based IRC client available on the site here, and of course you can connect to it using any IRC client. I’ve also added a widget to the site, on the top of the right hand sidebar, which lets you know how many people are currently in the IRC channel. The count is not live, but updates once every five minutes so should provide a reasonable estimate of how active the channel is. I’m going to try to be in it as much as possible. If people want, I may even work towards setting a dedicated time (perhaps once a week?) that can be set aside for chatting.

Edit: We’ve had to move from Dalnet to Mibbit.net due to restrictions Dalnet places on the number of users who can connect through Mibbit clients. Anyone using the webclient should notice no real changes, anyone using their own IRC client should now direct themselves to irc.mibbit.net.

Edit: So, the widget for counting how many people were on the channel in IRC turned out to be unreliable. So far, I haven’t found a direct replacement for it, the best I can do at the moment is a count of how many people are using the mibbit widget to chat in the channel, rather than how many users are in the channel itself. I’m not sure that’s really useful, so my recommendation at the moment is if you care about how many people there are to chat with, sign onto the channel and check.