I haven’t had much time for adventure lately. My present day job keeps me busy 6 days a week, generally from fairly early in the day to quite late at night. But I do have some free time, and recently I’ve begun using that free time to go on adventures.

One recurring adventure has been simply to go for walks in the local park, along Holmes Run, late at night. On some of these walks I’ve left behind the Ellis sigil that I’ve posted about so much recently. On others, I’ve been gifted with interesting objects by the local spirits of place – one of which has become a new technomagical tool for me, and two others of which have now been passed along to someone who can do more with them than I.

Tonight, I neither took tokens nor left them – I simply walked the park with an awareness of the thinness of the veil, the presence of the local spirits, and the Potential of the place. That was enough. And then the park gifted me with something extraordinary.

At the exact entrance of the park, as I was leaving it to come back home, I saw a black shape moving under the light of the street lamps. At first, I thought it was a rat. So I turned my flashlight on and took a closer look. Green eyes glowed back at me in the LED light, and I revised my opinion – clearly it must be a cat. Then it turned and I saw its full profile in the light before it bounded into the woods – it was a young “black” (dark greyish-brownish-red) fox.

It might not seem like much, until you put it together with the fact that a fox of that exact description is currently hanging out in the metaphysical space of someone close to me. A black fox with green eyes.

Magic happens. Get out there and see it.

Don’t be afraid to have adventures.

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