Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup March 2013

We had a very interesting meet up tonight. Sparsely attended, just three of us regulars, and a research student. Nice guy very respectful, insightful, and asked some really good questions. It was a pleasure having him and I hope he’ll be back next time.  I also hope we get some more people to attend. The core group we have is great, but some new blood is definitely needed.

AnOtherWiki hits 600 articles!

I’m very pleased to announce that AnOtherWiki has reached a new milestone, hitting a full 600 articles on the eve of it’s one year anniversary.  This is an amazing accomplishment, particularly in the face of persistent DDoS attacks which have attempted to make the site unusable, but there’s still so much work yet to be done.  Let’s work together in the year to come to double and redouble our efforts.  This is our encyclopedia, written for our community by our community and about our community. Let’s make it everything it can be, together.

Thank you all!