I’m very pleased to announce that, despite recent Denial of Service attacks on AnOtherWiki, we’re still here and we’re still going strong.  Tonight we’ve hit a new milestone – 400 articles.  This is an amazing achievement since we just hit 300 articles on December 24, 2012.  We’re currently averaging roughly 2.56 articles a day.  We’re hoping to do better still, though, and are aiming for a whopping 600 articles by the wiki’s one-year anniversary on March 20, 2013!

This is our encyclopedia, written for our community by our community and about our community.  All it costs us is a bit of time and effort, and the reward is quite worth it.  Let’s work together to make it everything it can be.

As always, a big “Thank You!” to everyone who has helped make this possible, and who continues to help us as we grow and mature as a wiki.

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