Working with the Orgone Crystal Matrix

Working with the Orgone Crystal Matrix

It’s been over three years now since I wrote Reverse Engineering the Orgone Crystal Matrix.  Recently, a friend who practices ceremonial magic helped me move, and we got to talking about my remaining Matrix – the initial “Promise” prototype I originally created in 2008.  Our conversation, and the fresh experimentation which sprung out of it, have prompted me to write this new article about actually putting your Matrix to use.  And if you’re reading this article, you may also be interested in the one my friend has written from his perspective as an occultist encountering the device for the first time.

What’s New?

The obvious question is, of course, what’s new?  What do I know about the Matrix now that I didn’t know about it three years ago?  What new ways have I found to use it?  What new ways have I found to modify it?


It was well known when I created my prototypes that the matrix could be, and had been, used for gateworking.  I experienced this myself with one of the original matrixes in October of 1999, with a small chuck of driveway gravel attuned to the energy signature of my elven home-world Alorya.

What I didn’t know then, however, was some of the uses that could be put to.  Certainly, it is an aid to astral travel for otherkin who are from a particular world and wish to visit it.  It can also be useful for calling up energies related to a particular otherkin life, or making that side of yourself more visible/apparent to observers.  I’m told some people have even used it to help recover memories, though I haven’t tested that myself – I choose not to seek out memories, allowing them to surface on their own.

But it’s also an aid to discussing one’s memories with others who are not from the same places.  For example, I have a stone attuned to my head-mate Alaereth’s home-world that I have been using in conjunction with the matrix to attempt to strengthen our link.  I have met with a fair amount of success with this so far, though I am still working to further strengthen and stabilize our connection.  I used this stone as a focus for the matrix while demonstrating it for my ceremonialist friend.  Having never heard me, or anyone else in the otherkin community, talk about this world before he managed to give an accurate description of it – down to the precise location of the thin-spot on that world that I’ve tried to link the stone to.  That’s quite a powerful way of showing someone the place you’re talking about and seeing if they know it.  It’s also quite amazing, IMO, as external validation of UPG goes.

Thin Spots

A charged-up matrix will wear a thin spot faster than any other method of which I am presently aware.  This will happen especially fast in places which are already somewhat thin/spiritually charged.  I would be interested in seeing what happens if multiple matrixes are set up attuned to the same location in one area which is already thin – if the effects would compound the way the effects of the existing thin spot and the matrix compound, or not.


The effect of the matrix gets stronger the longer it’s left on.  I knew this, but in speaking with my ceremonialist friend I realized I’ve never said that out loud before.  It just seemed obvious to me based on what I knew of the matrix.  The device continually draws in new energy to amplify the field created.  This is part of why objects can be left in the field to charge.  Kick-starting the field with an initial jolt of energy hastens this process; I tend to hit mine with a jolt of reiki to get things going.

There are also interesting possibilities for using other means to charge the matrix.  As with standard charged objects, it should be possible to charge the matrix with the energies of the sun or the moon.  This can be done in conjunction with the orgone shooter, or on its own, though the latter may produce a purer celestial energy for some purposes.  I also intend to experiment with powering the matrix via ley line energy in the future, both on its own and in conjunction with the orgone shooter.

Another possibility which I have theorized about but have not yet attempted would be performing an animal sacrifice within the matrix perimeter to charge the field, particularly if done with the orgone shooter to collect and focus the life energy released.  From witnessing animal sacrifices made by other pagans, I believe this would have a quite profound effect.  Those disinclined towards animal sacrifice might consider the practice of autosacrifice as an alternative, though this method does not generate as much energy.

My ceremonialist friend also suggested the use of fluid condensers, in the style of Franz Bardon’s work, to soak the organic layers of the orgone shooter.  While I haven’t attempted this, I do view orgone accumulators and Bardon-style condensers as essentially the same.  Bardon’s recipe for solid fluid condensers (resins and metal) is the same recipe used for orgonite today.  So I see little reason to think this would not be effective, though I don’t know how much of a boost it would give the device.  Bardon also highly recommends the use of gold in any condenser, and I intend to experiment a bit with that and my current matrix.  I do feel that silver, which I have been using, has been quite helpful to its accumulation of energy.


I’ve found that it’s easiest to adapt the existing Matrix by small steps that might be considered analogous to “plugins” or “patches”.  For instance, the Promise matrix had a small adaptation made to it after its creation that allowed the silver wire used to hold the orgone accumulator in place to serve as an “antenna” to help pull in additional (primarily stellar) energies.  In contrast, TechnOnieron was modified massively from the start and I believe the complexity of the modifications was in large part responsible for it never working to my satisfaction.  If the same modifications had been made incrementally, I believe the thoughtform would have been more solid and effective.  I will be experimenting with this more in the future.

In Conclusion

It’s been roughly a decade and a half since the original Babalon Matrix was created, and I’m fairly confident that we’ve still barely scratched the surface of how this device can be used and adapted.  I hope this post inspires more people to experiment with the device on their own, and come up with new and interesting ways to use it.  If you do, please let me know either in the comments or via private email.

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