This entry is a catalog of words and phrases which have been remembered by those who remember being elves on a world we refer to as Alorya.  Wherever possible I have credited the person who first remembered the word, and I have done my best to provide pronunciations for most of them and commentary wherever relevant.  It will be updated as more is remembered, and if anyone has any additions, comments or corrections to make to the words or phrases listed here, please let me know.  Especially if I’ve gotten pronunciations or attributions incorrect.

WordPronunciationMeaningCommentaryRemembered By
AcheylaAh-kay-lahAn informal greeting used between friends.A shortened form of a longer greeting; the more formal version is "Harani a'kaheyla de'shanuay".Casteylan
AlanorAl-ah-noora personal name, meaning unknownArhuaine
AloryaAh-lore-yahMeans "Land of Songs"The name for either our world or our nation within that world.Arhuaine
AnadraelAh-nah-dray-elGiven name; meaning Unknown.Anadrael
AndrastaiAhn-drah-styGuards (military)Likely to be related to the Tulari word Adrastai.Casteylan
AravelAh-ra-velPlace name, an island, meaning unknown.Casteylan
Areah-reyGold ColorCasteylan
ArhuaineAr-h-wenGiven name meaning or carrying connotations of "Golden light"Arhuaine
Bian za ri!Bee-ahn-zah-ree"Okay, let's go!" or "Let's rock and roll!"Frey/Eyovah
BrynruddBrinn-ruddRedhillNot entirely sure this is Aloryan, may be a non-elven language.
Upon further research this appears to be Welsh and may have been a placeholder name rather than a remembered term.
CankahnfiveMay also be the word for "hand".Arhuaine
Casteylankas-tey-lanPersonal name, possibly meaning "Red Hawk"Arhuaine
CenanKen-antwenty oneArhuaine
CencanKen-canTwenty five?Alternately, may have been "annog" or "cannog".Arhuaine
CenenKen-entwenty fourArhuaine
CeneshKen-eshtwenty twoArhuaine
CenlishKen-lishtwenty threeArhuaine
CeshaiKesh-eyeGoodbye forever.Used when the speaker does not believe they will be returning, or at a sundering of ties meant to be a permanent parting of ways.Casteylan
CeshanKesh-anelevenI am not sure why this is ceshan rather than eshan or c'eshan. If the root cesh is a negation or a reference to a parting/ending, this would not appear to make much sense, unless there are more subtle nuances of speech that would indicate whether the sound is being used as a number or as something else.Arhuaine
CesharKesh-arRoughly "Until we meet again".A temporary farewell with the implication that we part as friends and will meet again. Possibly related linguistically to the Tulari word "ceshtanen", meaning "erased completely", as they appear to share the root "cesh".Casteylan
CevennaKeh-ven-nahSomething like "soul-twin" or "twin flame".Not entirely sure this is Aloryan.Unknown
CiarenSea-ah-renA city, name meaning unknown.Casteylan
ClarashKlah-rahshA musical instrument resembling a harp, small enough to rest on the knee.Casteylan
Cosainko-sane"The Ways" or "The Paths"A network of stones linked in such a way that moving from one to another was possible, even if the stones were on different worlds or (possibly) different dimensions. Different from standard Gating, however.Arhuaine
Da'laernDah-lay-urn"Elven dreams"?Not entirely sure this is Aloryan.Jarandhel
DorrdoorA type of wild ponyArhuaine
Elel"Of" or "belonging to".Casteylan
El'KarielEl-kare-ee-el"Star Path of Manipulating Stars...with the mental image of a stellar life and death the death of some stars ignites the birth of others elsewhere"?  Arhuaine
EndrastaiEn-drah-styRangers (military). Wardens may also be an appropriate translation.Likely to be related to the Tulari word Adrastai.Casteylan
EshiraEsh-ihr-ahBelovedThis is not a term of endearment which should be used lightly, with casual friends or even lovers. I have lovers whom I have been with for years whom I would not be comfortable referring to with this word. It is more appropriate as a term of affection for one's chosen lifemate(s) in my opinion.Casteylan
Gwai-GwhyRoot word meaning skyArhuaine
GwairochGwhy-rochLiterally, "skyhorse". An animal like a pegasus.Arhuaine
HaildarHail-darGiven or Clan Name; meaning UnknownArhuaine
HaranHar-anHonour, respectAlternately may mean bless/blessing.Casteylan
Harani a'kaheyla de'shanuayHar-an-eye ah-kah-hey-la de-shan-oo-ayI am honoured to greet you and walk beside you on your path.Casteglan
Ja nevnayJah Nev-nayAn oath, roughly translating to 'velvet sky', most often used when thoroughly exasperated with someone/thing.Possibly a reference to a common godform among elves in the Elenari language group currently known only as "the star goddess"; no proper name has yet been remembered.Unknown
JarandhelJah-ran-dellGiven name; meaning Unknown.Jarandhel
Key-talKay-talEmphatic no; possibly "no way" or "no way in hell"Frey/Eyovah
LairenLair-enSong or possibly Summer; meaning uncertain.Casteylan
LiesinLee-sin or Lee-eh-sinGiven name or title; meaning Unknown.We may be mispronouncing or misremembering this word due to familiarity with the Celtic name/title "Taliesin".Frey/Eyovah
LlewynLew-enA country, name meaning unknown.Casteylan
Merka-tha lienMer-kah-thah lee-enCalls for reinforcementsFrey/Eyovah
Myhidr???Lover/Companion - this is a term used for only the closest or most beloved ones. It is not quite a soul mate, but close.Unknown
NauwarNow-ahrGiven name; meaning Unknown.Not entirely sure this is Aloryan.Jarandhel
NoinoyDarkness, shadow, absence of light.Does not carry connotations of evil.Casteylan
OniyaOh-nee-yahSongNot entirely sure this is Aloryan.Unknown
RochrokhHorse, or a horse-like riding animalArhuaine
RuachRoo-akhA fermented and spiced berry drink, mildly alcoholic, served warm like mulled wine.Sometimes referred to as "berry beer".Arhuaine
SadretheSah-dree-thaPersonal name, meaning unknownArhuaine
SellaSell-ahOceanNot entirely sure this is Aloryan.Unknown
Shakto -tha lienShak-toe-tha lee-enMake themselves more obvious, step in front. (imperative)Frey/Eyovah
ShenShenForever or InfinityUnknown
Tie-zanTie-zahn"(It shall be) as you command" or "affirmative".Frey/Eyovah
TyrianTeer-ee-anGiven name; meaning Unknown.Duo
VooriVore-ayeWolf or wolvesNot entirely sure this is Aloryan.Unknown
Y'YhPrefix meaning "Land of"Casteylan
Y'FinionYh-Finn-ee-ohnA country; meaning unknown.Casteylan
Y'lairenYh-lair-enMeaning unclearAnother name for Alorya?Casteylan
ZaliZah-lee"See" or "Go to" (imperative)Frey/Eyovah
Zian gararth tul. Nan dianZi-an gar-ath tul. Nan dee-anFirst part unclear.  Nan Dian may mean "it is agreed" or "it shall be done".Not entirely sure this is Aloryan.Frey/Eyovah


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Arethinn ATinderel

Wow, this is a pastenblasten!

Possibly a reference to a common godform among elves in the Elenari language group currently known only as "the star goddess"; no proper name has yet been remembered.

Is this Allara?


The star goddess – the name Allana doesn't feel familiar to me at all, nor does Dana (I'm pretty sure that's a place-holder from somewhere). Arhuaine and Anadrael knew her only as "The World-Dragon" but she could as easily be described as a Star goddess, since that's where, according to the story I remembered, that she came from. I wonder, actually, if she ever had a given name at all.

Arhuaine and I clearly disagreed on some things too. What she called Cosain (the pathways "between") I called Heraneth. Maybe a dialect difference? Or it may be that Cosain referred more specifically to the stones themselves and Heraneth to the Paths. Not entirely sure about that.

And the numbers, particularly the larger composite ones, something strikes me as "off" about them but I can't pinpoint exactly what it is.

One other thing I noticed that hadn't occurred to me before, because this is the first time I've seen this list so complete. The word "Eshira" for "beloved" actually contains the root word "two". Which makes me wonder what the suffix "-ira" means, and what is the more literal translation of this word.

Arethinn ATinderel

"the name Allana doesn’t feel familiar to me at all"

Allara, that is?

"nor does Dana (I’m pretty sure that’s a place-holder from somewhere)"

I would think so, too, since it's obviously the same as the Earth faery/sidhe-mother by that name, although it's possible it's a coincidence. I wonder if it might be a product of the way it seems people used to use "elf" and "sidhe" and (to a lesser degree) "faery" fairly interchangeably in earlier days (ca. late 90s).


Some of these words do resonate – the meaning if not the word itself. I don't recollect the word "cosain", but the Paths/Starways are familiar. Y'lairn and Yllirien are very similar. The difference could be attributable to a different language, or to the fact that there was an Illirien in the area of ancient Greece that may have influenced my inner perception of the word.


Heraneth-Helath… It's possible there's some sort of connection between them since the meanings are similar and the sounds are still similar even without the juxtaposition of letters. Heraneth seems to convey multiple worlds, whereas Helath feels more local to me (going strictly by feel, so I'm not sure of any of this of course). Languages are separated by vast amounts of time as well as physical distances — but concepts sometimes congeal around similar sounding words in seemingly unrelated environments.

Liryen Enderea

"Sadly, it’s really hard to tell without a far more complete picture of the language. They could be words meaning the same thing from different languages, or they could be synonyms within the same language. And even within a single language they could have etymological origins in different languages."

— I think that this is probably very likely.

Incidentally, the first word that struck a chord in me on the Elenari language list was Clarash (where it was listed as "Aloryen", IIRC). Unfortunately, even with a longer list of words used in Alorya, I can't be completely sure that I spoke (and was presumably) Aloryan.

But for what it's worth, a few years ago I did seem to remember one phrase of language. It was "Ha Da", a sort of command or exclamation that felt akin to "stop, shut up." Long A sounds, with the d in "Da" slightly softer than the English pronunciation.

It may not have been anything. And I don't know that I'm Aloryan myself (though I'm beginning to suspect it). But it's an interesting wordlist. Extremely interesting.