Symbols Channeled by Corey Thorn

Symbols Channeled by Corey Thorn

Corey Thorn may be contacted at the following email address:

Cory’s general notes on this symbol set:

  1. There’s no indication of the line drawing order, because it doesn’t matter, and seems to only be a tool useful for traditionalists. Anyone can draw them any way they like.
  2. People who use them have my permission to mutate them or whatever. If any new uses are found for them, great! I never said I knew the only use, and some of them I’m still not entirely sure on. However, the names as listed are the correct names.
  3. A special note on the Chakra symbols: although they work with Reiki, I’m not entirely sure they’re exclusive to Reiki. I never got a chance to experiment further. Secondly, they’re obviously not a complete set. If anyone channels the rest, I’d be interested in finding out.
  4. Harth from Karuna Reiki is part of the chakra set; they actually developed through study of and work with Harth.
  5. I only request credit for the symbols themselves, and my contact information can be included.
  6. A few of these double other symbols, even ones I’ve channeled. I think it’s due to who was channeling them, since I’m multiple.

Listing of Symbols

  • Used as a muscle relaxant.
  • Drawn on palms prior to massage to enhance it.
  • Project it when laying hands on someone to ease the pain of particularly bad muscle cramps.
  • Can relieve physical symptoms of stress.
  • Use during an attunement to enhance relaxation.
  • Drawing this on the back of someone’s neck when they are stiff has been known to cause their body to relax within minutes.
  • Balances and centers an individual.
  • Seems to balance someone who needs a bit of realignment due to outside pressure.
  • All four western elements seem to be represented. The top, houselike structure represents earth, the bottom left spearlike sybmol represents air, the bottom right lightning bolt symbol represents fire, and the bottom middle symbol represents water.
  • It may be possible to use only the components of this symbol, rather than the symbol in full, to invoke specific elements.
North Wind:
  • Also called Kita No Kaze.
  • Psychic cleansing (air element.)
  • Clears the mind.
  • Feels like a “breath of fresh air” blowing through you.
  • Possible prevention of cancer.
  • Arresting of cancerous growth.
  • May help induce remission in cancer patient.
  • Used for work with the central nervous system.
  • Will calm the nerves of a distraught individual.
  • Partner symbol to Tinara. When used in combination, they have strong relaxation effects.
  • May be used to reduce/repair nerve damage in conjunction with healing. (Effects would vary depending on the severity and age of the injury.
  • May reduce occurrences or severity of epileptic attacks if used in regular treatments.
  • Can be drawn on palms or joint itself to relieve arthritic pain.
  • May also have anti-inflamatory properties as joint is easier to move afterwards.
  • Main use seems to be in conjunction with healing.
  • May also be used in treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • “Clears the air” around someone.
  • Clears away negative thoughts and feelings external to a person that may be surrounding them.
  • Can also shield against such outer negativity.
  • Used in warding/shielding.
  • Gathers and stores positive energy.
  • When added to a ward/shield, energy stored will stay until someone with negative intentions interferes with it.
  • Positive energy will then work to counter the individual’s negativity.
  • Clearing of mental/emotional damage caused by outside influences.
  • Shields against mental influencing.
  • Storm master… bringer, destroyer, controller.
  • Can be used to induce rain if clouds are heavy with moisture.
  • May also be used to break up storm cloud formations.
  • Opens the chakras for an attunement.
  • Environmental healing
  • Can be used for physical, emotional, or spiritual environment.
  • Individual or group environment can be effected.
  • Grounding, centering.
  • “Enlightenment.
  • Originally jokingly referred to as the “clue-by-four” symbol.
Unnamed #1:
  • Realigning physical, mental, and spiritual self.
  • Reinforcement of centre of self.
Unnamed #2:
  • Powerful, all-around physical healing.
  • Water elemental similar to Fire Serpent.
Unnamed #3:
  • Helps with mental issues.
  • Increases sense of well being.
  • Releases emotional stuff.
  • Unknown.
  • Third eye chakra.
  • Spiritual insight.
  • Psychic awareness.
  • Root chakra.
  • Fertility issues.
  • Crown chakra.
  • Clearing the mind.
  • Opening up to new ideas or thoughts.
  • Solar plexus chakra.
  • Lung problems.
  • Belly chakra.
  • Digestive system.
  • Throat Chakra
Modified Cho-Ku-Rei
  • Can also be used to modify Kriya from Karuna Reiki.
  • An amplification/intensification of the Cho-Ku-Rei energies.
  • Draw this symbol with two fingers, but split fingers apart during the verticle line making a triangle shape, before closing them again during the spiral.
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