Reiki Weaves

Reiki Weaves

Developed by Corey Thorn, Reiki Weaves are methods of directly manipulating the Reiki energy in order to produce different effects.

Doubled Flow DNA-Strand Amplifier

  • Produce Reiki flows from both hands at once. Optimal Diameter is six inches.
  • Weave these together in a DNA strand-like pattern.
  • Functionas as an amplifier for Reiki healing.
  • May also be useful for work done along bloodlines, or at the genetic level.

Soul Massage

  • Produce thin energetic strands, almost like puppet strings, from the fingers touching your patient’s soul/aural self.
  • Use these strands to massage the patient.
  • Reportedly a very relaxing effect.


  • Hourglass shaped, made of hundreds or thousands of tiny strand-like flows of reiki energy, woven together in a basket-weave.
  • The vortex spins and contracts/expands slightly at the center while spinning.
  • When placed around someone or something it removes negativity and infuses positive energy.
  • Good for using for a base or anchor weave in advanced or distance healing.
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