Otherkin Directory 2.0

As some of you may have already noticed, there has been a major update to the Otherkin Directory.  In all honesty, the old plugin we had been using to power the directory finally crapped itself beyond my ability to repair.  So I set out in search of a new plugin we could use, and found the very impressive Ultimate Member plugin for WordPress.  I’m still learning everything that it can do, but I think the new directory looks amazing and will serve us well.  The profiles it provides already give users more information than the old one, even some rudimentary integration with the forum to display a user’s recent forum posts.  It even provides privacy settings to opt out of being included in the directory and to hide one’s profile entirely.

The catch, of course, is that everyone who wishes to be included in the directory needs to go edit their profile and upload a cover photo.  If your account doesn’t have a cover photo (not just an avatar) you won’t appear in the directory even if you previously did.  I set it up this way so that no one, new or old, would accidentally be included in the directory against their wishes — it requires explicit action on your part to opt-in.

Till We Meet Again

In our communities, as otherkin and therians and vampires, much of our interaction takes place online. To the point that the vampire community has even coined the phrase OVC, or, “Online Vampire Community” to refer to that portion of things.

This document, however, is about taking our community off the screen and into the real world. It is, simply put, a guide to meetups, mini-gathers, gatherings, howls, and conventions. It is intended to cover the questions of how-to, how-not-to, and what these events are like for both the person or people organizing them and those simply attending.

This guide was last updated on Tuesday, 13th September, 2016.  Please feel free to suggest any additions, corrections, questions, or changes in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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Shifting Gears

The other day I was browsing some occult blogs and came across an article by Nick Farrell which suggested that one must have a teacher from an existing occult school in order to do more than “play at magic”.  This is a fairly common belief among the members of magical lodges and similar occult orders.

Is it actually true, though?  I really haven’t found it to be the case.  I’ve never taken any form of formal instruction in magic or occult subjects.  The closest I’ve come is attending a few workshops, of not more than a few hours each, over the years.  Yet I have had no trouble producing results with my magic.  Results sufficiently clear and convincing to persuade a long-time skeptic.

On one level the discussion itself amuses me.  Eclecticism, as opposed to following a formal system of magic as compiled by a magical order, is supposed to be a major sign of playing at magic.  Yet occult groups which employ a modified Jewish Kaballa, the imagery of Egyptian deities, and Sanscrit tattvas among other culturally disparate elements to formulate their tradition are seen as completely legitimate?

But on another, I see it as an attempt to de-legitimize those who don’t follow a set list of traditions that the author approves of.  This is particularly obvious when reading the author’s opinion of those who employ the “spirit pot” technique employed by several Afro-Caribbean traditions for working with Goetic demons.  In Farrell’s words “Think about it, how can you stuff the concept of lust into a peanut butter jar?”  Yet, removing the arrogant hyperbole regarding the technique, that is exactly what Solomon was supposed to have done with the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia and their legions – imprisoned them in a vessel of brass and bound them to do his bidding.

But can you learn on your own?

Three weeks ago my car broke down on a trip to visit friends in another state.  I made it back home, but the only vehicle available to me was a manual transmission.  While I had been driving for 13 years, I had never driven a stick shift.  And there wasn’t anyone available to teach me.  In order to meet professional obligations in my life, I had to drive that vehicle.  I had no choice.  So I got online and found some websites giving an explanation of how to drive stick.  Then I got in the car, and I drove.

It was rough at first.  I stalled at traffic lights and stop signs several times.  Once, I ground the gears a little by not quite fully depressing the clutch before trying to shift.  But with a little practice, I got the hang of shifting gears and working the gas and the clutch at the same time.  By the end of the week, when I finally drove with someone who could give me practical advice on driving stick, the only things he suggested were that I might want to stay in a lower gear a little longer than I had been, and that I should give it a bit more gas when moving forward from a stop.

If one can learn to drive stick effectively from spending ten minutes reading a couple of web pages, I think it’s quite possible to learn magic from the plethora of books and web pages available on that subject.  All it really takes is the will to do so.  And the proof is simply doing it.

Because, when it comes right down to it, there’s one thing and one thing only that marks the difference between someone “playing at magic” and someone working magic:  results.  If your techniques are producing real results in the world around you, you’re working magic.  If not, you’re playing at it.  That’s as true of those with teachers and involved in established magical traditions as it is of those working outside of them and teaching themselves.

So… which one are you?


As someone who is both pagan and otherkin, synchronicity is a big thing for me.

Sometimes it’s fairly subtle, like a sudden urge to investigate a strange word that I’ve run across that leads me to an entirely new community which becomes a very important part of my life.

Most of the time it’s a lot more blatant, like me and my brothers (without coordination, and with me not even having owned the book in question until that afternoon when I found and bought it at a local pagan store that does not normally have a good selection of books) reading the exact same passage in the exact same book at the exact same time and running to talk to each other about it.

Sometimes the synchronicities in my life are caused by the magical work I do.  Other times, by the gods and spirits I work with.  Other times, I really don’t know the ultimate source of it and just chalk it up to the universe itself.

I do know that there are times that I seem to experience more synchronicities than others.  “Memory floods” – recovering a bunch of new memories in rapid succession – often have real-world synchronicities connected with them.  The aforementioned book synchronicity came during memories of my stag life and the passage involved contained information which confirmed some of my own UPG regarding ritual cannibalism as practiced in the culture I had remembered.

Why is this?  I don’t know.  Some of it feels very personal – like someone is playing chess and I’m a pawn on the board.  I have suspicions as to who that might be (one or more of several deities, not all of which I choose to work with) but no real idea why.  Other synchronicities feel impersonal – more on the level of action and reaction.  And others either fall in between or I’m unable to classify.

I suspect at least some of this synchronicity ties in, somehow, with patterns that I’ve observed repeating across lifetimes.  Which is a bit hard for me to swallow since I don’t personally believe in “destiny”, but I can at present find no other explanation for some of the things I see repeating in life after life.

Perhaps someday I’ll be able to clearly see the picture painted by such patterns, and how it connects with synchronicities experienced in the present.  In the meantime, I mainly rely on them as an indicator for when I’m close to something important.  This understanding has, so far, served me well.

Come Away

If you read this website with any regularity you most likely know that it is my practice to occasionally do a magical working that I term a “calling”, literally meant to draw others who meet certain criteria to find me and/or the otherkin community itself.  I typically use what I term a “poetic focus” as the basis for this calling – or, in other words, a spoken invocation.  Two of the invocations I have used in the past are here and here.

It is time once again to renew that calling.  But this time, after the recent essays on sigilization and thoughtfoms, I thought I might do so a little differently.  This time, I am going to build a servitor.

The core of this servitor will be a sigil.  I wanted something easily reproduced and with an obvious association with the otherkin community, so I have created a starlike image with seven arms, each arm drawn from the outside moving in.  It is not the typical septegram, but the association between the two symbols should be obvious.

As a name for the servitor, I will chose the word “Shakto”, being part of the Aloryan phrase “Shakto-tha lien” which means roughly “show yourselves” or “come forward”.

For the purpose of the servitor, three tasks:

1. To seek out those with nonhuman or otherworldly lives which have touched them deeply, and to help them awaken and to find the otherkin community.

2. To help those otherkin who have shared such lives in the past find one another again.

3. To help restore the spirit and the vitality that the community once had, that has been lost

The next step is, of course, to decide on a form for the servitor itself.  At first I was thinking a white hart, as in some celtic myths, but in this case I am feeling more inclined towards a modern myth: the white rabbit.  One might even picture his sigil as the many hands of a very strange pocket-watch, though this rabbit is never late.  Nor is he early.  He comes precisely when he needs to.  But he will lead you down the rabbit hole.

After charging and empowering the servitor I have linked it to both of my existing callings, and sent it out into the wild and the web.  It is self-sustaining and from one point of view replicating (it is a rabbit after all) though from another it simply takes advantage of a rather interesting understanding of time.

I look forward to observing it at work.

Otherkin Reiki: Bonus

If you’ve sat through this whole series I do have one last surprise for you. A sigil designed for attunement.

This sigil and the thoughtform it represents have been created to attune someone to the full spectrum of Otherkin Reiki energies and thoughtforms. At this time that includes Usui, Karuna, and Imara Reiki and their associated symbols as the base, all of the channeled and intentionally created symbols/sigils listed on this site, and the four symbols channeled by Crisses listed on the Open Source Reiki website.

While this might look like a complex symbol at first, it’s drawn easily if one draws a normal septegram using two fingers held apart, bringing them together to draw the circle around it.

If you’d like to use it on yourself, I’d suggest meditating on the symbol with that intent.


Otherkin Reiki: In Conclusion

We now have a set of seven sigils specifically designed to help with the phases of otherkin development from “awakening” through “transformation”.  As I mentioned in the last essay, this is not necessarily the neat linear process it may sound like.  Not only is the end of the cycle the beginning of another, but it is possible for one individual to be on one phase with regard to one aspect of his or her nature and a completely different phase with regard to another.  Depending on the individual, phases may progress out of order or repeat as well.

I should also mention that this is far from the only possible model of otherkin development. It’s one that I’ve found works well in my own experience, and its seven stages fit rather conveniently with the use of the alchemical septegram by the otherkin community, but it shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

For easy reference, here are all of the sigils we have created with their purposes and names:

Awakening, “oor”

Remembering, “zakor'”

Discernment, “paw-rad”

Integration, “daw-bak”

Emergence, “ghee’-akh”

Refinement, “zaw-kak”

Transformation, “haw-yaw”

Now, we could of course continue.  There are a near infinity of possible sigils that could be helpful in some way for otherkin.  A sigil for helping with pain from phantom limbs.  A sigil for stopping a phantom shift.  Or initiating one.  A sigil for stopping a mental shift.  Or initiating one.  A sigil for astral travel to one’s remembered homeworld. Etc, etc.

But part of the point of all this has been that you don’t need other people to make a grimoire of sigils for you to use.  You can do it yourself, to fit your own unique needs.  This series, and the articles before it on Thoughtforms, Reiki from a Magical Perspective, and Reiki Sigils have shown how.  Don’t be confined by what’s been “channeled” or what other practitioners have developed for you to work with.  Show us what you can come up with, what is uniquely you.

Get out there.  Transform the world.

Why else are you here?

Otherkin Reiki: Transformation

The last stage of otherkin development can best be described as “transformation”.  This is not a physical change, but a clear manifestation of your refined otherkin nature.  Living as who and what you are, and transforming the world around you in the process.

That’s easy to say.  It’s a lot harder to do.  Because it’s more than just saying “I’m a dragon, so I hoard shiny things” or “I’m a satyr,  so I like sex”.    More than wearing a tail, or donating to a wolf-rescue as a therian, or becoming a member of the Sierra Club as a fae.  It’s about doing the things that only you, as the unique combination of your past nonhuman and present human selves,  are even capable of doing.  Of living up to your full potential.  In the words of Neil Gaiman’s character Delerium: “Our existence deforms the universe.  That’s responsibility.”

In myth, angels and faeries, devas and genii, gods and spirits gave man all of their arts and crafts.  How are you deforming the universe?  How are you changing the world around you?  What fields are you pioneering, or taking in new directions?  What are you creating that did not exist here before?  What gifts will you leave to mankind through your presence here?

Transformation corresponds with the stage of Coagulation in alchemy, and the attainment of the philosopher’s stone. This is again a stage of otherkin development that is not addressed by any symbol in the existing otherkin Reiki tradition of which I am presently aware.  To create one, we’ll begin with the magic square of the sun, pictured below:

As the basis for our sigil we’ll use the hebrew word הָיָה, pronounced “haw-yaw” and meaning “become”, “come to pass” or “be”.  It is composed of the letters He (5), Yod (10), and He (5).  Laid out on our magic square, this produces the following sigil:

Which gives us this as our final sigil:

Once again, a very simple sigil and highly effective once properly charged and released.  To me, this sigil is a reminder that the end of one cycle is the beginning of another.  The stages of development listed in this and the previous articles in this series are not, as it might first seem, a linear progression from beginning to end.  Nor are they a series of video game accomplishments for you to collect and be done with.  They’re steps that you will visit again and again in your journey as otherkin.

There are always new awakenings, new memories to explore and integrate, a new synthesis to be created from those memories and your current experiences, and new ways for that synthesis to transform the world.

Otherkin Reiki: Refinement

Continuing the series on otherkin Reiki, we come to a stage I can best describe as “refinement”.  In the previous two stages we integrated the separate aspects of ourselves, and allowed them to become something new – something greater than the sum of its parts.  Now, as in the Discernment stage, we take a fresh inventory of ourselves and remove anything which is untrue, impure, and no longer serves us.

This stage is equivalent to the process of distillation in Alchemy, and in fact we are trying to distill our emergent nature down to its purest essence.  Anything incompatible with that is removed and released.  False beliefs, old attitudes that have been holding you back, etc.  This does not mean any of it is forgotten, but it is no longer permitted to affect you in the present if it is not helpful for it to do so.

In the existing tradition of otherkin Reiki, the symbol that would best work with this stage is probably my own Refinement symbol.  But I’d prefer to work with a more stable, purposely constructed thoughtform specific to the task.  To create one, we’ll start with the magic square of the moon, pictured below:

For the basis of this sigil we’ll use the hebrew word זָקַק, pronounced “zaw-kak'” and meaning “to refine”, “distill” or “purify”.  It is composed of the letters, from right to left, Zayin (7), Qoph (100=1) and Qoph (100=1).  Laid out on our magic square, and representing the doubled letter Qoph as a slight kink in the line connecting the squares, that gives us the following:

Which gives us this as our final sigil:

Visually, this sigil reminds me of distillation – of boiling a substance down to a concentrated essence.  Again, the thoughtform behind it has specifically been developed to help work with refining one’s emergent otherkin nature, and once charged it is a simple and powerful sigil towards that purpose.

Otherkin Reiki: Emergence

Continuing the series on otherkin Reiki, we come to the stage of emergence.  In the integration stage we joined different aspects of ourselves together in a coherent whole.  In this stage, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts and something new emerges.

One of the key phrases for this stage of otherkin development is “that life is not this life”. You’re not the person you were then, even if you’re attempting to bring aspects of that life forward into the present.  Conversely, neither are you the person you were prior to awakening to, remembering, and integrating this aspect of yourself.  Each aspect gives you access to experiences, knowledge, skills, and perceptions that the other did not possess.  And combining them can and should lead to a synthesis that is completely new and alive in its own right.  Otherwise we’ll simply stagnate.

This stage is important for all otherkin but perhaps particularly important for so-called “polykin” – otherkin with memories of more than one nonhuman life, often as different species.  For us, staying in the integration stage would be a lot like stitching together an amalgamation reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster.  We need to move past it, to evolve into something more.

This stage in otherkin development is equivalent to the Fermentation stage of alchemy.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no symbol in otherkin Reiki which explicitly deals with this stage of development.  We’ll create one by starting with the magic square of Mercury, pictured below:

For the basis of our sigil we’ll use the hebrew word גִּ֫יחַ, pronounced “ghee’-akh” and meaning “to burst forth” or “to give birth”.  This word is composed of the letters, from right to left, Gimel (3), Yodh (10), and Heth (8).  Laid out on our magic square, it would appear thus:

Which leaves us with this as our final sigil:

To me this sigil is reminiscent of changing course.  Finding a new direction.   As with the other sigils in this series, the thoughtform behind it has been created specifically to deal with the needs of otherkin, helping their various human and nonhuman sides come together to create something which is both and neither.  Something which bridges both worlds.

The next essay in this series will deal with Refinement.

Otherkin Reiki: Integration

Continuing my thoughts on otherkin Reiki, this essay will deal with Integration.  Merely having memories – even after separating out that which is false or which you do not wish to bring forward into the present – isn’t enough.  In order to be useful, these memories need to be integrated into your present life and personality.

A lot of otherkin overlook this part, which is why you can get some kin claiming hundreds or thousands of years of spiritual age who still act like twelve year olds.  Integration requires mental and emotional maturity in the present – some experiences you’re simply not going to be able to integrate until you’ve had enough relevant experiences in this life to be able to relate to them.

This stage is equivalent to the alchemical process of Conjunction.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no existing symbol in otherkin Reiki which addresses this phase directly.  We will create one by beginning with the magic square of Venus, pictured below:

For this sigil, we’ll use as our root the hebrew word דָּבַק, pronounced “daw-bak'” and meaning “to cling to”, “keep close” or “join”.  This word is formed by the letters, from right to left, Dalet (4), Bet (2), and Qoph (100=1).  Laid out on our magic square, this gives us this sigil:

Which in turn gives us this as the final sigil:

Again, a very simple sigil, and highly effective once charged and released.  For me, this sigil is reminiscent of taking a book or other object down off a high shelf and finding a new home for it somewhere more accessible and in keeping with a proper system of organization.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Otherkin Reiki: Discernment

Continuing my thoughts on otherkin Reiki, we next come to a stage that I think can best be described as “discernment”.  This is the stage when memories uncovered in the awakening and remembering stages are examined and the proverbial wheat is separated from the chaff.

This corresponds to the alchemical stage of seperation, in which ungenuine or unworthy material is discarded.  And that’s pretty much our goal here as well – to discard any false memories you may have generated to fill in gaps in your actual memories, a particular danger if you attempt to present your memories in story format, and to discard any material which is not worthy of bringing into the present.  For instance – if you had a life that you weren’t proud of, separating yourself to some degree from who you were then while still bringing forward that life’s lessons so you do not repeat its mistakes.

In the existing tradition of otherkin Reiki, Rialian’s True Memory symbol is again the symbol most commonly used to weed out false memories.  To my knowledge there is no symbol, at this time, designed to help distance one from “unworthy” memories.  Our sigil will attempt to do both.

We will start this time with the magic square of Mars, associated with the alchemical process of separation:

It’s a bit more of a challenge to pick a root word to form the basis of this sigil, but I think I’ll go with the hebrew word פָּרַד, pronounced “paw-rad'” and meaning “to divide” or “separated”.  It is composed of the letters, from right to left, Pe (80=8), Resh (200=2), and Dalet (4).  So our sigil, laid out on the magic square, will look like this:

Which gives us, as our final sigil, this:

Again, a very simple sigil and quite effective once charged and released.  As with the Remembering sigil this thoughtform has specifically been created for work with nonhuman past-life memories.  In addition to the purposes already suggested it may also be useful for creating some emotional distance between yourself and memories you are attempting to work with.

At this point it may be interesting to point out that each sigil designed so far has graphically suggested its purpose.  The Awakening sigil suggests reaching down for something that was buried and bringing it up into the light.  The Remembering sigil has the appearance of a lightning bolt, certainly fitting for the typical flashes of memory otherkin experience.  And the Discernment sigil suggests taking something out and throwing it away.  At least, that’s how I view each of them.

For the curious, the next stage will be Integration.

Otherkin Reiki: Remembering

Continuing my thoughts on Reiki for otherkin, the next stage after Awakening would seem to be Remembering.  The line between the two is, of course, subtle – many of my own Awakenings have involved the initial recovery of new memories.  I would say the distinction between these two stages is in the deep exploration of the memories uncovered and learning to work with them consciously.

This may involve dealing with traumas or attachments from previous lives, recognizing patterns, finding new information and perspectives, etc.  Alchemically, it corresponds to the process of dissolution.  In the existing tradition of otherkin Reiki, the symbol most often used for Remembering is the True Memory symbol channeled by Rialian.

To intentionally create a sigil for Remembering, we’d start with the magic square of Jupiter, pictured below:

Again going old-school, we’d use the hebrew word זכור, pronounced “zakor”, and meaning “remember” in the imperative sense as the basis for this sigil.  This word is composed (from right to left) by the letters Zayin (7), Kaph (20=2), Waw (6), and Resh (200=2).  Laid out on our magic square, the sigil would appear like this:

Which leaves us the following as our final sigil:

Again, a fairly simple sigil, and highly effective once properly charged and released.  This thoughtform has specifically been created with remembering and working with memories of non-human past lives in mind, rather than more mundane purposes or even remembering “what you need to know”.

Otherkin Reiki: Awakening

Following up on my previous articles, Reiki from a Magical Perspective and Reiki Sigils, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the subject of what is termed “otherkin Reiki“.  This has largely referred to a school of Reiki as taught, used, mutated and mutilated by the members of the otherkin community.  My own practice sprang from this tradition.

But in addition to Reiki by otherkin, “otherkin Reiki” has also referred to Reiki for otherkin.  Reiki which deals with unique issues faced by otherkin.  For example, the True Form symbol, channeled by Eyovah, is commonly used by practitioners of otherkin Reiki to explore their nonhuman aspects and even to promote awakening.

As covered in my earlier articles, this is a sigil that links to a specific thoughtform which acts to reveal a person’s “true form”.  In some cases this revelation may help that person to awaken as otherkin.  Personally, while I do find uses for this symbol and include it in my own practice, I don’t connect well to the “true form” concept for otherkin as someone with multiple nonhuman past lives on different worlds and as different species.  So my first thought for truly otherkin Reiki is – what about a sigil to promote awakening?  Purely awakening, no reference to true forms much less a symbol suggestive of a particular (winged, if not draconic) form.

There are various methods I could use to construct such a sigil, but in this case I think I’ll stick with one of the more traditional methods.  A magic square.  Specifically, the magic square of Saturn since awakening is roughly equivalent to the alchemical operation of calcination associated with that planet.  Which looks like this:

Since I’m going old-school, I’ll also use the hebrew verb עוּר, pronounced “oor” and meaning “to rouse oneself, awake” as the basis for the sigil.  It is composed (from right to left) by the letters Ayin (70=7), Waw (6), and Resh (200=2).  We lay this out on our magic square as follows:

Which gives us, for our awakening sigil, this:

A simple and, once charged and released, very effective sigil to help promote awakening in otherkin.

There are probably a number of additional uses otherkin in particular could put Reiki-charged sigils to.  Several of which may represent additional stages of development corresponding to further alchemical processes.  I’ll be giving it some more thought, and writing additional articles in this series as I think of them and design appropriate sigils.  It is my hope to eventually compile a complete set of sigils and connected thoughtforms uniquely useful to otherkin and expanding beyond the set arrived at somewhat haphazardly through “channeling”.

Reiki from a Magical Perspective

I’ve written quite a bit on this site about Reiki from a traditional perspective, and more from an innovative/mutative perspective.  Much of it has been transcription of my notes from when I was taught, while other parts have been material shared by others or “channeled”.  But all of this material falls short, in my opinion, of actually providing the reader with an understanding of what Reiki really is and how it really works.  This essay, then, is my attempt to provide that.

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Energywork: Thoughtforms

The fourth in a series of articles on the basics of energywork.  This article will cover the creation and use of Thoughtforms.  As with the previous article on attunement, this is somewhat of a departure from what is normally considered basic material.  This article will also be the final one in the series, though future articles on the site will build on the basics covered here.

What are Thoughtforms?

Energy fuels magic or energywork, but thoughtforms are the “machinery” which use that energy to perform work.  From the simplest to the most complex, every magical working uses thoughtforms.

How Do You Create a Thoughtform?

That question is nearly equivalent to asking “how do you work magic”?  The history of magical tradition is a cornucopia of methods for creating and utilizing thought forms.

That said, there are certain thoughtforms which are best suited for the beginner.  Two such thoughtforms are shields and what are termed “psi-balls”.

The Basics of Shielding

Close your eyes.  Imagine a sphere of light around your body, forming a protective barrier like a force field.  Visualize it as clearly as possible, the light growing brighter and brighter, more and more solid.

That’s it.  That’s all that’s required to create a basic shield.  Easy, no?  The clearer you visualize it, and the surer you are that it will protect you, the stronger it will be.

Of course, it’s quite possible to get more fancy with it.  Instead of light you can use darkness.  Or fire.  Or water.  Instead of a spherical force-field you can use a cube, or a suit of armor, or a tank, or a castle.  One very popular technique is to visualize the surface of your shield as a mirror reflecting anything harmful back towards its source.

Two sources for further inspiration for shielding, which may not be immediately obvious to the reader, are Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (the SEP field) and Gimmicks Three by Isaac Asimov (think about it.)

How to make a “psi-ball”

A “psi-ball” – I’ve also seen them termed “ki-balls” – is a thoughtform very similar to the shield you’ve already created.  Only instead of a sphere around your body, visualize the “psi-ball” as a sphere of energy between your outstretched hands, as if you were cupping a ball of whatever size you’re most comfortable with from baseball to basketball.  Some people find it helpful to start out with visualizing a very large psi-ball and compress it down into a small, dense sphere of energy.

Again, that’s all there is to it.  From there, you can do a variety of things with the energy ball.  You can change it from light to any other form of energy, as you did with the shields.  You can change its size and shape.  You can make it move from one place to another, even sending it over great distances.  You can use it to charge or attune an object or person, or as a vehicle for healing energy.  You can even “program” it with your thoughts and intentions to perform particular tasks, such as gathering energy.  Or replicating itself, thus forming the base for what is termed a “viral servitor“.

What comes next?

This is just the start of what is possible with thoughtforms.  As I mentioned earlier, a full treatment of them would require almost a complete overview of the contents of every magical tradition throughout history.  So I’ll leave you with just one more example, and some hints for where to start your further study.

The Astral Temple

The next thoughtform you may wish to work with is the astral temple.  This is exactly what it sounds like – a thoughtform representing a temple or similar sacred space.  It can be an exact replica of your physical temple, or limited only by your imagination.  As with other thought forms, the more clearly you can visualize the temple the more effective it will be.

The astral temple is most often used for operations of  ritual magic.  It’s possible to perform rituals entirely on the astral, within the astral temple, or simultaneously in both the physical and your astral temple.  Groups unable to meet physically may also use a shared astral temple as a meeting place to conduct ritual work.

A technique related to the astral temple is the “memory palace” also known as the “method of loci”.  I will leave it to the reader to research this technique on their own.

From here you may wish to look into sigils, servitors, egregores, and even godforms.  One useful reference for learning more on this subject is The Magical Use of Thought Forms by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.

Wrapping Up

Obviously there are many, many more ways to create thoughtforms, and a near infinity of things one can do with them.  I strongly encourage anyone interested to look into it further.  If you find any interesting or innovative ways to create or work with thoughtforms, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

That’s about it for Thoughtforms, and I hope you’ve found it useful.  This concludes the Fundamentals of Energywork series.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Adventures.

I haven’t had much time for adventure lately. My present day job keeps me busy 6 days a week, generally from fairly early in the day to quite late at night. But I do have some free time, and recently I’ve begun using that free time to go on adventures.

One recurring adventure has been simply to go for walks in the local park, along Holmes Run, late at night. On some of these walks I’ve left behind the Ellis sigil that I’ve posted about so much recently. On others, I’ve been gifted with interesting objects by the local spirits of place – one of which has become a new technomagical tool for me, and two others of which have now been passed along to someone who can do more with them than I.

Tonight, I neither took tokens nor left them – I simply walked the park with an awareness of the thinness of the veil, the presence of the local spirits, and the Potential of the place. That was enough. And then the park gifted me with something extraordinary.

At the exact entrance of the park, as I was leaving it to come back home, I saw a black shape moving under the light of the street lamps. At first, I thought it was a rat. So I turned my flashlight on and took a closer look. Green eyes glowed back at me in the LED light, and I revised my opinion – clearly it must be a cat. Then it turned and I saw its full profile in the light before it bounded into the woods – it was a young “black” (dark greyish-brownish-red) fox.

It might not seem like much, until you put it together with the fact that a fox of that exact description is currently hanging out in the metaphysical space of someone close to me. A black fox with green eyes.

Magic happens. Get out there and see it.

Don’t be afraid to have adventures.

The Death and Rebirth of Glamourbombing

You probably didn’t know this, but glamourbombing is dead.  Shot through the heart by the grim specter of consensual reality we call the Mundane World.  I would like to say that she waged a valiant battle against overwhelming odds – but the truth is, she didn’t.  Instead, I’ll say this: never bring glitter and mailbox doilies to a gun fight.

Glamourbombing was, at heart, an idealist who wanted to believe that if mankind could be convinced of the reality of magic, of glamour, that it would help to breach the veil between worlds. To this end she left glitter-encrusted messages for the mundanes touting that their wings were real.  She glued pennies to sidewalks in strange and wondrous designs.  She even, on Thursdays after a new moon in months ending with a ‘y’, put on elaborate performances known as “Goblin Markets,” plying whimsical wares to the bemused and banal. The one thing she didn’t try very often? Magic.

That was her secret, you see.  She loved magic, would use any trick or gimmick of guerrilla art or stage magic to convince a sleeping populace of its reality.  But deep down, in her heart of hearts, she didn’t – couldn’t – believe in it herself.  Certainly could not believe in a magic strong enough, powerful enough, effective enough to break open a sleeper’s mind and introduce them to the reality of the supernatural.

She didn’t know – couldn’t see – how very wrong she was. Magic is not some sickly, impotent wretch whose presence and reality need to be faked to be convincing. And by acting as a charlatan on its behalf, she was not helping but betraying it. Giving the world one less thing to believe in. One more proof that magic is simply tricks and illusions with no real substance.

But now, rising from the ashes of the old, we find a new glamourbombing taking her place. One no longer afraid of the power of magic, nor afraid to wield it. This glamourbombing is a true creature of Dream. A will-worker. A weaver of wonders.

The tools of this new glamourbombing have changed as well. Glitter has been set aside in favor of the simple tools of chalk and marker. And sites are tagged not with cheap inspirational phrases but with empowered sigils. Sigils to link them together in a network of magic. Sigils to invoke spirits, angels, gods and demons. Sigils to stich the physical and the astral together like Peter Pan and his Shadow. Sigils to infect the mind, or to warp reality itself.

This new glamourbombing creates fresh variations on prayer wheels, using them to spread fey energies and create new thin places. She attunes others to otherworldly energies and condenses such energies into objects of power. She invokes the otherworlds themselves, calling them into alignment with our own. And she invokes those who, like ourselves, share an otherworldly heritage.,

But her greatest workings are found in the oldest of magics. The magic of blood. Our blood, for she has re-enchanted it with the blessing and curse of all that makes us fey. All that makes us living gates between the worlds. Our natures, spread virally forward and backward along the river of blood. We are the changelings, and she has stolen us.

This is the new glamourbombing. No more a timid mouse, but a QUEEN in black and RED. This is glamourbombing, and her name is Alice, spelled E-L-L-I-S.  This is glamourbombing. Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes?

Northern Virginia Otherkin Meetup March 2013

We had a very interesting meet up tonight. Sparsely attended, just three of us regulars, and a research student. Nice guy very respectful, insightful, and asked some really good questions. It was a pleasure having him and I hope he’ll be back next time.  I also hope we get some more people to attend. The core group we have is great, but some new blood is definitely needed.