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Welcome to #dreamhart, an IRC channel for, by, and about otherkin.  Our scheduled Weekly Otherkin Chat begins at 8pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays, but the channel is open for use 24/7.

If you would prefer the convenience of a dedicated IRC client, you can use any IRC client to connect to irc.mibbit.net, channel #dreamhart. If not, a webclient is available on the chat tab above. If you would like a full-screen webclient, click here. An alternate full-screen client is available here.

If I’m in channel but not responding, try saying my username (jarandhel). I have an alert setup that should help get my attention, if I’m at the keyboard. It’s also possible I’ve stepped away for a few minutes, such as if I’m making dinner… be patient, and I’ll probably reply. You may also see another user, Faunus, inchannel. Faunus is not a real person, he is a bot designed to perform certain functions for the channel, so please don’t be offended if he does not reply to you. A reference to public commands for Faunus may be found under the Bot Commands tab above.

If you’re new to IRC, you may want to familiarize yourself with some IRC basics. If you’d rather dive right in, here’s a few tips:
To register your username (so that no one else can use it) type:/nickserv register apassword youremailaddress
The IRC server will send you an email at that address with a link to confirm your registration.
To identify yourself once you’ve registered a nickname, type:/identify yourpassword
To gain op or voiced status in #dreamhart, you have to have both a registered nick and have identified to it

Faunus is an Eggdrop IRC Bot for the #Dreamhart channel on Mibbit.net. It has the following public commands:

  • !time – Displays the current date and time for the Eastern Time Zone. Useful for coordinating with the Weekly Chat, held on Tuesdays at 8pm ET.
  • !topic – Displays a random topic prompt. Useful for picking a topic during the Weekly Chat if one cannot be decided on.
  • !addtopic <topic>- Adds a new topic prompt to the list of topics available for the !topic command.
  • !randquote – Displays a random quote from the quotes database.
  • !quote <quote number> – Displays a specific quote from the quotes database
  • !quoteinfo <quote number> – Displays information about the quote, when it was added, and by whom.
  • !lastquote – Displays the last quote that was displayed in channel.
  • !findquote <search string> – Displays quote numbers for quotes containing the specified search string. Also displays recent quotes that contain this string.
  • !addquote <quote> – Adds a new quote to the database. User must have at least voice inchannel in order to use this command.
  • !seen <nick> – Command to display the last time a particular nick was seen onchannel. * and ? can be used as wildcards.
  • !menu – Displays a list of bartender commands for the channel. These are just fun little commands to use on boring nights, as such they are not listed in detail here.
  • !findurl <search string>- Displays a list of saved shortcuts to various stored urls. * can be used as a wildcard.
  • !geturl <shortcut> – Displays the saved url. Primarily used for shortcuts to frequently referenced links.
  • !mail help – Displays help for the bot’s built-in messaging system which can be used to send and receive messages with other users when they are not in channel.
  • ?? <term> – Displays a saved definition of a term.  The database of term is not being updated, however, and new terms or updates to definitions should be added to AnOtherWiki instead.
  • !wiki <article name> – Displays a link to an article on AnOtherWiki.

To register yourself as a user on Faunus, use the command /msg Faunus heyas

To set your password on Faunus, use the command /msg Faunus pass <yourpassword>

To change your password on Faunus, use the command /msg Faunus pass <oldpass> <newpass>

To identify yourself to Faunus if you are connecting from a hostmask that is not recognized, use the command /msg Faunus identme <yourpassword> <yournick>

To tell Faunus a specific hostmask to recognize you from in the future, use the command /msg Faunus mynewhost <password> <hostmask>

To tell Faunus to identify itself to Nickserv, say “Faunus identify” in channel.


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